Air (EP)


1. All Is Fine


2. Play Of Love


3. Out of Love


(Written by Alexandra Cherrington and Tony Ballester)

Judgements are biting thorns
Hit me like an inner bomb
Memories are cast away in the blackhole of past

Well it turned me upside down
I tried to hide I was feeling numb
No more sense, just caught up in a web of old lies

Chorus :
If I were nothing but Air
Never did nothing but Air
And it all meant nothing but Air
No matter I’d still be fair
If I knew nothing but Air
Never brought nothing but Air
and it all served nothing but Air
No matter I’d still be fair

The loft is over crowded with ghosts
My heart don’t wanna play no more
Let my tears melt away all those muddy ideas

Honestly I’m standing up
Of hurtful words I’ve had enough
No more shame nor silent pain
Now that game is over



4. Air
Alexandra Cherrington  

Play Of Love

Out Of Love

All Is Fine

1. Air


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