With her new 11 tracks album “Free As The Wind”, Alexandra invites us to a beautiful journey between her celtic roots and her lifetime influences which are Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell, Suzanne Vega, Daniel Lanois, Joan Osborne (to name a few), all with a pinch of pop and blues. Her voice is irresistible in an acoustic production that wisely tried to convey simplicity and gentleness. Alexandra’s world is made of joy and regrets, illusion and crude realities, oniric feelings and a constant positive outlook; her lyrics are totally served by this album.
During one year, this album was created, recorded and mixed with passion at her place near Paris by Alexandra, Tony (her musical and life partner), and a bunch of dedicated musicians and friends. The piece was mastered by Andrew Mitchell, Audio Bay Mastering, Michigan, USA. Photo credit: Sammy Georges.
If you want to purchase a track or the entire album, it is quite easy : just click on “Download” and follow the steps. Thank you for your visit !


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