(Written by Ballester/Cherrington)

Well you left this world unexpectedly,
Gaping gap of new
Everything I’d known came crumbling down,
nothing to hold
You lit up a light while flying by
Deep inside my heart
So the seed of joy started to unfold, Angel touch

On the path the “Here ‘n Now”, life will set sail
The destination is unknown
Willing and Honest are your best friends around
Safely guiding through storms

Well the past was strong and attachments too
Defenses all well trained
Had to act them out, friends you helped me too
Melting the rock

On the path the “Here ‘n Now”, there is no control
Resistance makes the voyage rough
Tempests only come to blow away the old,
Heavy dark and taunting clouds

And the pain so strong I could die
I only wanted to give up the fight
Nothing more to lose but my life
Like a breaking wave
Stranded on the open sands

On this side of the shore, Love you picked me up
Warming breeze of gold
When the waves do come, they are welcome
Rocking the boat

On the path the “Here ‘n Now” life is setting sail
Embarking on a mystery tour
It knows what is needed for the good of all
Oceandrops we are, I am.


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