Up Along The Cliffs


(Written by Ballester/Cherrington)

Up along the cliffs I love to walk and run so freely
Shining sun or pouring rain the beauty is the same

Wind that blows is wild and makes you high it’s deeply cleansing
Sitting by the castle ruins watching heron fly

The river meanders through and with the sea it merges
At equinoxe the tide comes up stream onto land

The wild horses playing and running in the valley
The busards flying high their call is echoing

Jane is here and every where
Gentle presence in the air

King fisher showing glimpses of heavenly blue feathers
Seagulls gliding and conversing swirling in the air

Yellow gorse on the links spreading sweet exotic perfume
Honeysuckle crowns adorning bushes formed by gales

Up by King Arthur’s stone the summer solstice calling
Down in the woods lingers a celtic mystery

Paddling no end in the sea pleasure fills the body
By dragon’s place on the beach memories overflow

Grace is here and everywhere
Gentle presence in the air


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