Out Of Love


(Written by Ballester/Cherrington)

All the suffering, the tears and fight
In the world defending human rights
Just like past and future V.I.P.s
Acting out a play of fear and pain

When I try and push to go my way
Out of fear and lack of confidence
And the future seems a better place
Silent Grace is covered up by stress

Chorus :
Every flower’s glowing out of Love
Warming sun is, rising out of Love
Morning bird is, singing out of Love
And my heart is, beating out of Love
Here and now

Thinking mind of negativity
In the world poluting the air we breathe
And the body having to digest
Stories from the past, we don’t forgive

When I feel the beauty and delight
Of each moment seen in truth and light
Welcome pain and sorrow as my friends
Grace is shining through the human race



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